Autism Information

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No Wait Evaluations

We offer a no wait evaluation of your child or teen. We feel its a priority to learn more and to provide help from the instant we meet. Give us a call today, no need to wait. 1-855-HOPE360

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Many children with autism can have aggressive behaviors that include biting, self injurious behaviors, kicking, hitting, throwing, etc. It’s usually not just a child looking for attention. In many cases, the child is trying to communicate with you. Because many children with autism have language issues and often do not have the language to draw…

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Autism & Sexuality

As if autism isn’t hard enough, whether you are an adult or teen with autism or a parent of a child with autism, eventually you will come across the issue of sexuality. There aren’t many resources out there, but one of the best ways to discuss autism in relationships is simply to talk to other…

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IEPs and Educational Advocacy

All of the material on this page is original composed material from AutismLink. It cannot be reproduced, copied, or distributed without permission. See our copyright information at the bottom of this page for more information. Your Child’s IEP Once you’re in a school system, whether it is kindergarten, 1st grade or 10th grade, with a…

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Problems in School

Autism in the classroom is another difficult topic — whether you’re a parent or a teacher. Parents want what’s best for their children, and teachers are hungry for information on how to deal with autistic children in their own classrooms. This section is for information and resources for teachers. For parent information on IEPs, advocacy,…

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