Therapy Types

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Speech Therapy

Speech is a troubling issue in autism spectrum disorders. Some children develop speech on time according to milestones, and then regress, losing all speech. Some children develop speech on time, but talk so much you’d like to pull your hair out, and some children never develop speech and are completely nonverbal. Every child is different…

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Teaching Children with Autism via RDI (Relationship Development Intervention)/Gutstein method

RDI is another type of therapy that is a relative newcomer to the autism scene. RDI is actually a brilliant way to teach children with autism by using nonverbal cues and forcing them to become more and more aware of their surroundings and by referencing facial cues on peers and others around them. RDI was…

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Play Therapy

Teaching Children with Autism via Play Therapy/Floortime/Greenspan method

Play therapy, or floortime, as some refer to it, is the type of therapy coined by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. The theory behind the concept is to enter the child ‘s world, play with the child on his or her terms, and slowly expand the base of play to include new ideas. Although there have been…

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Applied Behavior Analysis/Discrete Trial/Lovaas Therapy:

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), also sometimes referred to as “discrete trial” is one of the types of therapy that you may choose to use with your child. Based on the philosophies of Dr. Ivaar Lovaas, it is one therapy that has data to back up its efficacy on children with autism. The therapy, which is…

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